STAMPEDE 41005-2 Snap-Inz™ In Channel Sidewind Deflector - Smoke, 2 pc

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Beat the elements and add some attitude to your Truck, Van or SUV. Sidewind Deflectors allow you to keep your windows partially open, to provide ventilation to the interior. Today's modern aerodynamic body styles with form fitting doors and windows no longer feature "rain gutters" to channel away water. The result is usually water dripping into the interior. Sidewinds act like a "drip-edge" for your vehicle, this allows you to keep your window partially open for ventilation, without the rain getting in. As air flows around the outside edge of the sidewind it creates a small low pressure area underneath it (much like an airplane wing) which creates suction to keep out the wind and draw out the stale air from inside your vehicle.

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Mounting Hardware IncludedYes
Sold As2 PC SET
YearMakeModelBody Type
1988-1998ChevroletC1500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletC1500Standard Cab Pickup
1999-2000ChevroletC2500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-2000ChevroletC2500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-2000ChevroletC2500Standard Cab Pickup
1992-2000ChevroletC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-2000ChevroletC3500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-2000ChevroletC3500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK1500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK1500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK2500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK2500Standard Cab Pickup
1992-1998ChevroletK3500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK3500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998ChevroletK3500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC1500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC1500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC2500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC2500Standard Cab Pickup
1992-1998GMCC3500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC3500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCC3500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK1500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK1500Standard Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK2500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK2500Standard Cab Pickup
1992-1998GMCK3500Crew Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK3500Extended Cab Pickup
1988-1998GMCK3500Standard Cab Pickup

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